Network Marketing and referal service

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Network Marketing and referal service

Post by KING96 on Sat May 09, 2015 10:17 am

Sure social media is a great way to connect businesses to consumers and vice versa, it's todays equivalent of yesterdays "Word of Mouth", and the good old phonebook.  It provides the means to easily reach out and speak to a vast array of audiences while displaying images of your finished project(s), Which is great! And it's FREE!. It lacks one major component I feel vital to making wise decisions in both business and consumer aspects. Face to Face interaction.

For Example: Lets say your planning a vacation to a popular destination and have narrowed your options down to 3 hotels. Online it show they all have the exact same amenities, rating, and are located near each other. What is the determining factor? The friend who says "Stay at the BigBlanket Inn, The night clerk has connections all over town and takes amazing care of his guests."

A referral based on personal experience and human interaction. We take the guess work out so when your in a critical time of need, you end up with help, not a bigger mess.


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